Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Water Scooping

One of my daughter's favorite activities is playing with water.  Sometimes we do this in the tub, but during the day I get out my biggest cooking pot and fill it with water.  Then I take my measuring cups - the 1 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1/4 cup, and put it in the pot.  I place the pot on the floor on top of a folded bath towel or two, which we sit on, to catch the spills.  Then we scoop up the water with the cups!  I'll do things like fill up the 1 cup and dump the water into the 1/4 cup - too much water!!!  It won't fit!  Then I pour the water back into the 1 cup, and - not enough water!  We do this over and over.  She's positively fascinated by it.  She'll often add to our little game by getting other containers to put in the pot and scoop the water.  Her favorite are these little stacking toys she has.  They have holes in their bottoms, and so when we try to scoop the water - it falls through!  I look flabbergasted and sing, "There's a hole in the bucket..."  She thinks it's really funny.  If your child is ready for it, you could have him/her try to pour the water from container to container to work the fine motor skills and coordination.

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