Monday, May 12, 2008

Learning about Light

Today we played with the flashlight.  When we shine it through the hole in a box, you can see light in the box!  We followed the light from the flashlight all over the floor, walls, and ceiling.  We played a game in which we would shine the light at something and say, "Light!" and then put our fingers over the flashlight to block the light and say, "No light!"  We had fun seeing what types of materials the light would shine through when we put the flashlight right up against it - like, our clothes, our fingers, our feet, different toys.  And we saw that we could make a looooooooooooooong beam of light on the floor, or a small circle.  In the process she learned a lot about light through interacting with it.  It also worked her coordination as she struggled to get the light at just the right angle so that she could see it through her pockets, under her shirt, or through her toes.

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