Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Before you buy curriculum...

...check out what your family can use for free at the library.  My county's library system, for example, has the complete set of Hooked on Phonics, along with 528 other phonics resources.  They have almost all of the Signing Time DVD's (which would be $25 each otherwise - we've used 15 of them for FREE).  They have all kinds of science experiment books.  I found a great one for toddlers ages 2-5.  They even have math textbooks!  If you want sometime in particular, even if your local library doesn't have it, the wider county library system, where your card will work, probably will have it or something comparable.  Also, almost all libraries have special play and reading times that are age specific from babies on through adults, and that is great for social development.  The library at the last place where we lived (we've moved) even had special bi-monthly music time followed by a craft time for all aged children.  I didn't like the baby time at the new place where we moved, but a local library only 10 minutes away had a fabulous one, and we went there every Thursday all year.  If you want more socializing time for yourself and your child(ren), you can even make the rounds, going to different libraries on different days of the week -lots of families do this.  Seriously, if you haven't tapped into this resource, don't spend another cent until you've seen what you can get from your tax dollars at the library.  

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