Monday, May 12, 2008

Comparatives: Low, Higher, Highest

My daughter knows her opposites, and so I thought it might be fun to expand the opposites concept with comparatives.  Like, not just little/big but also little/bigger/biggest and big/littler/littlest.   I did this with blocks.  I built a little tower with one block, and I said, "Small tower."  Then next to it I built a tower with 4 blocks, and said, "Bigger tower."  Then I built a tower with 6 blocks, and said, "Biggest tower."  Then I pointed back to the middle-size (4 block) tower again and said "Smaller" and then to the 1 block tower and said "smallest," and then back to the middle-size "bigger" and then the "biggest," back and forth over and over and over.  She was fascinated.  I asked, "Which is the biggest tower?" and she pointed to the correct one.  "Which is the smallest?" and again she got it.

Next, I took some of her little Weeble-Wabble toys (these are good because they are easy for a toddler to set on a high tower of blocks and not fall down, but any little animal or person toy figure would work), and I used the block towers like steps for them.  The first Weeble-Wabble jumped onto the 1 block tower, and I said, "She's low."  Then she jumped to the middle-size tower, and I said, "She's higher."  And then to the 6 block tower, and said, "Highest!"  Then she climbed back down the ladder of towers: "Lower" and "Lowest."  Then the little Weeble-Wabble was joined by some Weeble-Wabble friends, one on each tower, and we continued the game.  She thought it was hilarious as the Webble-Wabbles talked with each other about wanting to go higher and higher and then lower and lower, sometimes trying to go together and sometimes accidently falling off!  After awhile of playing, I said, "Put this Weeble-Wabble on the highest tower!"  And she did.  

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