Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warmth of God

I want my daughter to know the warmth of God.  One of the ways I try to help her experience this is through our cuddle time after her nap.  When she wakes up, she almost always wants to just cuddle and nurse.  As we cuddle and she nurses, in a quiet, warm voice I tell her about what I read in the Bible that day.  Sometimes, if I can think of a song to go with it, I'll sing the song, too.  She almost always asks for "more" when I'm done, and so I know she likes it.  And it is helpful with keeping me accountable to reading the Bible each day, as well.  Sometimes, if I skip my prayer time, I try to tell her a story from memory (and I know lots and lots of texts), but the warmth of the Holy Spirit flows through me best when I've been basking in it myself that day.

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