Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Playing with Light and Shadows

We have a window in my daughter's playroom with blinds.  In the morning, when we do school, the sun is shining through the window and the blinds are tilted downward, there is a solid rectangle of light by the window on the floor.  Today we did shadow play with it.  I took one of her small stuffed animals, and I made the shadow of the animal "walk" across.  (She was like, "again! again!")  Then I contorted my fingers into the shape of a rabbit and then an elephant.  We had lots of fun playing with the shadows.  She also had fun observing how the light on the floor vanishes when I tilt the blinds way up, and then reappears when I tilt them back down.  There is so much that can be done with shadow play.  My daughter is too young to be able to do much with her fingers, but she can sit, she can walk, she can jump, she can lie down - and she can observe her shadow doing all of those things, too!   

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