Monday, June 9, 2008

Macaroni Pouring Play

Today I made a simple balancing scale to play with the concept of weight.  I tied and taped a small container to one end of a string and an identical container to the other end.  Then I supported the middle of the string by taping it to one of her longer blocks (I'll get pictures up).  I held the block at its middle with my finger and thumb.  We put macaroni in one of the containers, and that side, now heavier than the other, tilted downward.  Then we added macaroni to the other container, and the scale balanced.  

I was really excited about my little invention, but my daughter's greatest delight in the project actually came from playing with the macaroni.  She poured them into the containers, onto the floor, back into the macaroni box where they came from, etc., etc.  Watching her play confirmed to me that she is at a stage of development where she is both (1) really excited about pouring, and (2) really excited about cleaning up messes (depending upon the mess).  It was delightful to watch her work on both of these interests with the macaroni.  

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