Monday, May 4, 2009

The Goal

So, as I just wrote, we've been working on anatomy and geography in passing, and I am so amazed with that.  Good grief, she's 2.  The only reason I'm doing any of that is that she has already mastered everything I can find that people teach in preschool, and she is still a sponge for more.  It just seems wrong to stop giving her opportunities to learn more when she is on such a learning curve.  This is so surprising and astounding to me that as I continually fish for something new to offer her, sometimes I start to forget the goal.  Reading 1 Timothy 1 this afternoon reminded me - the aim of instruction is LOVE that stems from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith.  One day this precious little girl is going to launch off into the world, and when she does, what is most important isn't how much knowledge she has accumulated.  What will matter as she makes those early, tough decisions that last for the rest of one's life is her devotion to Christ, the love and wisdom he puts within her heart, and faith to live the life he created her to live.

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Anneliese's Mom said...

I was reading Romans today and found this verse 16:19-20 and decided it was a perfect prayer for my little one.